X-Lite Pro Switch Configuration

Everyone has their favourite switch set-up for their controller. The Frsky X-Lite Pro is pretty small, and has a limited set of switches and pots. Here is my set up:

At present, I’ve got my controller switches mapped as follows:

SA3-StateFlight mode (acro • angle • rescue)
SC2-StateArming (disarmed • armed) [with ‘armed’ turning on data logging)
SB3-StateTurtle mode (off • turtle mode • turtle mode)
SD2-StateFailsafe (off • fail safe & beep)
S1PotentiometerThrottle power (see Variable throttle power with OpenTX and X-Lite Pro)
S2PotentiometerVolume of sound alerts
Left PBPush buttonToggle OSD (see How to switch inflight between Betaflight OSD profiles)

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