Folding Drone Time!

Winter project – a new drone! This time, I’d like to construct a 7″ drone, to give a longer flight time. To make it easier to squeeze into a backpack, I’m choosing a folding Axisflying Kolas 7″ drone frame. The build challenge of this drone will be routing the cables and assembling everything, as components are attached to both bottom and top parts of the frame.

I’m going to name it “Deadcat”. Check out the build progress here on my Deadcat drone page. Why ‘Deadcat’? It’s because the frame layout is a multi-level deadcat frame style:

The frame type is called ‘deadcat’, as:

In many frames the propellers are in the FPV video image. This bothers cinematic flyers. That’s why there is a design in which the front arms are pushed a little to the side. When viewed from above, this looks like a run-over cat, hence the name Deadcat Design. From a performance perspective, this frame type has no advantages, which doesn’t bother cinematic flyers. Roll is somewhat asymmetrical and tends to pitch backwards, which needs to be compensated for. You can get used to it.

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