VTX Wiring Diagram for Walksnail Avatar

How to wire up a Walksnail Avatar VTX to a flight controller. The TX/RX connects to your UART of choice. The positive and negative pin choice will depend on the variant you have:

  • Walksnail Avatar HD Mini 1s Lite (3.1-5V, for use with 1S batteries – whoops)
  • Walksnail Avatar HD Nano (3.1-13V, 14x14mm camera, for use with 2-5S batteries)
  • Walksnail Avatar HD Micro (6V-25.2V, 19x19mm camera, for use with 2-6S batteries)

The makers of the Avatar recommend using a regulated power supply. For the Mini and Nano, one can use a 5V regulated supply from the FC. If you are using a Micro, it requires 6V or more. A regulated 9V supply is on some FCs, but not all. If you don’t have a 9V regulated supply, then the VBAT connection is a logical (only) choice, but this is unregulated. From Caddx:

It is recommended to use a regulated power supply for power supply. If you use a 6S battery, be sure to install a capacitor at the battery input. It is recommended to use [a capacitor with] the specifications above 50V/47uF. If the voltage ripple is higher than 35V the risk of burning the device is high.

Therefore, if you’re using the VBAT with a 4 cell LIPO (which has max charged voltage of 16.8V) you should be ok using VBAT without a capacitor, but with a 6 cell LIPO (max charged voltage of 25.2V) you must use a capacitor to avoid voltage spikes. Generally speaking, using a capacity is recommended.

Here’s an example using a Flywoo Goku F745 PRO FC to a Walksnail Avatar Mini (requiring 6V-25.2V input), which has a convenient 9V positive terminal next to UART2.

Walksnail Avatar HD Mini (V1) (6V-25V input) wiring to FC

After wiring up to a chosen UART (here UART2), in Betaflight configure your chosen UART for connectivity.

Assigning UART2 to the VTX

And finally ensure OSD is enabled.

Enabling the OSD

Article updated August 2023 to reflect the Micro/Nano/Mini variants of the Avatar range.

2 comments on “VTX Wiring Diagram for Walksnail Avatar

  1. chedal-bornu sebastien

    there is a confusion in your article betwen the avatar nanao and the avatar 1S. the avatar nano go the same VTX as standard but only with a nano size camera. so the avatar nano needs a 2-5S
    Yes 5s because while at the begoinning caddx advertise its systeme for 2-6S it seems that it’s not that 6s friendly.
    and the 1S is 3.1-5v


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