VTX Wiring Diagram for Walksnail Avatar

How to wire up a Walksnail Avatar VTX to a flight controller. The TX/RX connects to your UART of choice. The positive and negative pin choice will depend on the type of VTX you have.

  • Walksnail Avatar HD – Input voltage range 6V – 25.2V
  • Walksnail Avatar Nano – input voltage range 3.1V – 5V

The makers of the Avatar recommend using a regulated power supply. If you’re using a Avatar Nano, it’s pretty straightforward – just use a 5V regulated supply from the FC. If you’re using an Avatar HD, it requires 9V or more. A regulated 9V supply is on some FCs, but not all. If you don’t have a 9V regulated supply, then the VBAT connection is a logical (only) choice, but this is unregulated. From Caddx:

It is recommended to use a regulated power supply for power supply. If you use a 6S battery, be sure to install a capacitor at the battery input. It is recommended to use [a capacitor with] the specifications above 50V/47uF. If the voltage ripple is higher than 35V the risk of burning the device is high.

Therefore, if you’re using the VBAT with a 4 cell LIPO (which has max charged voltage of 16.8V) you should be ok using VBAT without a capacitor, but with a 6 cell LIPO (max charged voltage of 25.2V) you must use a capacitor to avoid voltage spikes. Generally speaking, using a capacity is recommended.

Here’s an example using a Flywoo Goku F745 PRO FC to a Walksnail Avatar HD, which has a convenient 9V positive terminal next to UART2.

Walksnail Avatar HD (6V-25V input) wiring to FC

After wiring up to a chosen UART (here UART2), in Betaflight configure your chosen UART for connectivity.

Assigning UART2 to the VTX

And finally ensure OSD is enabled.

Enabling the OSD

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