Gold Paw

Operational: April 2019 – active

Gold Paw … named due to the gold bling motors. I wanted to build a new drone to improve upon some aesthetic and functional design issues of my Cragon drone build.

Components used in the build are as follows:-

FrameArmattan Marmotte
Flight ControllerMatek F722-SE (Matek F405-CTR)
ESCsHolybro Tekko32 35A 4-in-1 ESC
MotorsFlywoo NIN N2207 2450KV Titanium Brushless Motor Gold
FPV CameraFoxeer Monster Mini Cam
ReceiverTBS Tracer (FrSky R-XSR)
ExtrasGPS, Buzzer

I’d seen some designs on Rotor Builds that look elegant and I wanted a crack at streamlining the wiring and to focus on improving some issues on my previous Cragon build, by:

  • Using a 4-in-1 ESC to take the ESCs off the arms, to avoid dirt, dust and death
  • Considering the location of battery connector to avoid snapping off or entanglement
  • Improving view of sky through higher tilt angle for the FPV + GoPro cameras (the Marmotte frame allows for adjustment)
  • Repositioning of GPS to avoid removing it every battery change

The wiring diagram for the Matek F722-SE to the components is as follows:

Gold Paw Wiring Diagram with Matek F722-SE

It flies in a much smoother manner to the Cragon build – I think due to the Flywoo motors and ESC pairing – and it looks pretty good also: