TBS Tango 2 Pro Switch Configuration

Everyone has their favourite switch set-up for their controller. It’s small and convenient, but it has a limited set of switches. Here is my set up:

At present, I’ve got my controller switches mapped as follows:

A2-StateOff: Disarmed
On: Armed, VTX, Data logging
B3-StateOff: Acro mode
Middle: Angle mode
On: Rescue mode
C3-StateOff: –
Middle: Turtle mode, VTX
On: Turtle mode, VTX
D2-StateOff: –
On: Failsafe, Beeper, VTX

The pit-mode VTX is set such that the VTX is enabled on the quad being armed, but also when in turtle mode or failsafe, so that one can see what the drone is doing.

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