Building and flying drones is great fun. You get to bring hardware and software components together with the result of something that can fly! Here are my drones, in reverse chronological order.



Status: Active
Operational: June 2022 –

5″ drone for cine freestyle flying


Status: Active
Operational: 2020 –

The tiny red 3″ hornet.

Gold Paw

Status: Active
Operational: 2019 –

Named for the gold bling motors.

TBS Vendetta

Status: Active
Operational: 2018 –

Stock TBS Vendetta


Old drones, no longer operational.


Status: MIA (Lost in mountains)
Operational: 2020 – 2022

The smooth-flying 5″ Shadowfax drone.

Cragon v2

Status: MIA (Lost in mountains)
Operational: 2018 – 2020

Cragon v2

Cragon v1

Status: MIA (Lost in a river)
Operational: 2018 – 2018

Cragon v1

TBS X-Racer

Status: Dead – electronics fire
Operational: 2017 – 2017

Stock X-Racer